‘Orphan Black’ Season 4 Spoilers: New Storylines, Love Interests, And Villains

VC Post — BBC’s “Orphan Black” is already gearing up for its season 4. The fans of the show an expect fresh storylines, more villains, and possibly introduce new love interests for Tatiana Maslany’s Cosima and Jordan Gavaris’ Felix.

The last season of “Orphan Black” ended with lighter tone compared to the previous seasons’ cliffhangers. The scene where Sarah, also played by Tatiana Maslany, and her daughter Kira, played by Skyler Wexler, are playing in the snow acted as a closure to some dark chapters in their lives. Helena reunited with her beau Jesse, played by Patrick J. Adams while Alison came on top of the school election.

In an interview with TVLine, Tatiana Maslany said that the fourth season of “Orphan Black” will be more like its first season, echoing Co-creator John Fawcett’s statement that there will be a reset in the show. Maslany expressed her excitement over the said reset in the series.

“That’s the season that I fell in love with the show,” Maslany said. “That first episode was so thrilling to me and captivating when I read it. So I would love to go back to that and the pure roots of the show.”

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‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany On Her First Emmy Nomination

Variety — “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany has been a critical favorite since BBC America’s “Orphan Black” debuted in 2013, scooping two Critics’ Choice Awards and a Television Critics Assn. win for her dazzling performance as four lead characters (clone “sisters” Sarah, Alison, Cosima and Helena) — as well as numerous supporting and guest roles — on the genre-bending sci-fi series. Now, in 2015, the Television Academy has finally caught up with the buzz, rewarding Maslany with her first Emmy nomination for lead actress in a drama.

“I didn’t even expect it at all,” Maslany admitted, momentarily lost for words when Variety spoke to her on Thursday morning. “It’s super nice, and it feels like a nice thing for the show to get that kind of recognition, and for the fans — they’ve been so supportive and protective of us; it feels like a communal thing.”

Indeed, the online reaction to Maslany’s nomination was swift and euphoric, with everyone from comedian (and first-time lead actress in a comedy nominee) Amy Schumer to musician Rob Thomas expressing their enthusiasm for the actress’s recognition.

“It’s crazy,” Maslany said of the online support. “That’s why I feel it’s not for me this nomination happened; it’s for our fans, because they’re the ones who are fighting for people to watch the show and have championed it in such a huge way. I feel so supported and so loved. It’s totally crazy to me that anyone cares if I get a nomination — it’s pretty wild.”

Maslany joins two other freshman Emmy nominees in the lead actress in a drama category, “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson and “How to Get Away With Murder’s” Viola Davis, alongside returning favorites “Homeland’s” Claire Danes, “Mad Men’s” Elisabeth Moss and “House of Cards” star Robin Wright. Danes is a two-time winner for “Homeland,” while this nomination marks Moss’ sixth (with no wins thus far) for “Mad Men.” This is Wright’s third consecutive nomination for “Cards.” Last year’s winner, “The Good Wife” star Julianna Margulies, was not nominated in 2015.

For Maslany, the biggest challenge in the last season on “Orphan Black” was debuting yet another clone: “It was really scary to introduce Krystal, the new clone we saw in episode eight, but I loved her so much — she was one of my highlights from last season, for sure. I would never be cast as her on any other show; only on ‘Orphan Black’ would I get to play the blonde manicurist, so it was super fun to get to do that. Jordan [Gavaris] and I had a real challenge in that scene because he was playing double layers of things and I was playing double layers of things, so it was a really rich scene to get to play together, and he and I have so much fun working together and so much trust and respect for each other, so more so than work, it was play.”

Despite the nomination, Maslany’s focus remains on her work — she spoke with Variety on the way to set for a new film she’s shooting called “The Other Half.”

“It’s about two people who are very broken and very much in love with each other and trying to make it work. It’s a very simple story but told really beautifully,” she said. “The director is Joey Klein, and I’m working opposite Tom Cullen and it’s like a family affair. It’s a real passion project for all of us, we’ve been attached to it for years, so it’s finally seeing the light of day, which is the most gratifying thing.”

She added, “I feel lucky just to be a working actor and just have varied experiences and outlets for creativity … not everybody gets that. With ‘Orphan Black’ I hit the jackpot in terms of creative expression and challenge and growth, so I’m really very lucky.”

The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards will air Sept. 20 on Fox.

‘Orphan Black’ Returns To Comic-Con With Panel & Fan Event

Deadline — The clones are coming back to San Diego. One of the big fan faves of last year’s Comic-Con, Orphan Black is back with both a panel and an official fan meet-up, I’ve learned. Last July 25, Tatiana Maslany along with other cast members and co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett were on stage at a packed Room 6A at the San Diego Convention Center. This year, it looks like multi-role playing Tatiana and the gang are all coming back on July 10. The panel will take place in the late afternoon – and they may be getting a bigger room.

For you fans already missing the action since Season 3 wrapped up on June 20, that’s not all the Orphan Black SDCC 2015 is getting – there’s a fan meet-up set for the next day as the Temple Street Productions in association with BBC America and Space produced show tweeted out today:

Public Appareances Added!

I’ve added pictures from two public appearances that Tatiana attended on March 1st and May 7th. Sadly the pictures are MQs but they will be replaced with HQs at some point. For now enjoy the new additions!

UPDATE: Photos replaced with high quality versions. Thanks to Holly at Sammi Hanratty Fan.

– Appearances & Events > Appearances From 2015 > March 01 | Canadian Screen Awards – Arrivals
– Appearances & Events > Appearances From 2015 > March 01 | Canadian Screen Awards – Show
– Appearances & Events > Appearances From 2015 > March 01 | Canadian Screen Awards – Press Room
– Appearances & Events > Appearances From 2015 > May 07 | Tatiana Visits SiriusXM Studios

The Many Faces of Tatiana Maslany

The grand adventure of a set visit is entering a universe where everyone — absolutely everyone — is a pro at playing pretend. They’re admirably adult about it. They drink coffee and sit in chairs and operate machines, as if there weren’t lights so hot that they banish the winter outside, as if it’s perfectly normal for a sweltering interior to look like a dusty, sun­baked facade. Insides become outsides here, as gravel underfoot transforms a soundstage floor into a sandy desert.

But the illusions are particularly vertiginous on the set of “Orphan Black,” the BBC America television show that has the same star many times over. “Orphan Black,” you see, is about a group of persecuted clones, and all of them are played by Tatiana Maslany, a 29-year-old actress who has ridden her multiple roles to cult stardom and critical acclaim. On a recent morning in Toronto, Maslany was wearing a frizzy blond wig and was made up as Helena, the dangerously mercurial Ukrainian clone. Her face was covered in blood and filth. She was not — as far as I could tell — thinking about the Screen Actors Guild Award nomination she received that morning, or (as I was) the circumstances that landed her in the peculiar fishbowl of fame. She was focused instead on butter.

The crew was getting ready to shoot the other half of a two-clone scene they had started the day before, when Maslany was playing Sarah Manning, a street-­smart con ­woman and the protagonist of the show. Helena, by contrast, is a cult escapee with homicidal tendencies and a ravenous, animalistic relationship with food. The director of this episode, David Frazee, and Maslany were working through how Helena’s insatiable appetite would affect her behavior in this scene. There was butter present in the shot, but it was not there to be eaten. Would Helena be able to resist? Even a tiny taste?

Read the full article/interview here.

Tatiana Maslany Covers Flare Magazine – 3 Times!

Flare — In the pilot of cultishly loved Canadian sci-fi series Orphan Black, a mouthy street thief in a leather jacket and combat boots stands on a train platform. She sees another woman in a prim bun and a power suit, weeping. As she approaches, the crying one slips out of her heels, neatly folds her blazer and slowly turns to face her onlooker. They’re identical, though one is hardened, the other hopeless. Their split second of recognition ends when the sorrowful lady steps off the platform and into an oncoming train. Both characters are played by the mesmerizing 29‑year-old Tatiana Maslany, who, over the course of the show’s two-season run (season three premieres April 18 on Space), plays six other clones bioengineered by a sinister corporation that plants them in vastly different environments as a twisted nature-­versus-nurture experiment.

The street tough is Sarah, a cockney-​accented con artist who can lie or seduce her way out of any bind; the train jumper is Beth, a Toronto cop with depression issues. Then there’s Cosima, a raver‑ish queer grad student from Berkeley; Rachel, an icy British exec; Katja, a Eurotrash German spy type; Allison, a tightly wound suburban soccer mom; Helena, an animalistic Ukrainian psycho-killer; and, finally, Tony, a transgender ex-con with a mullet and a soul patch. If all that doesn’t sound bonkers enough, Maslany also frequently plays one clone pretending to be another. (“Playing Sarah playing Cosima was a brain f‑ck,” she says.) And, through digital razzle-dazzle, she plays opposite herself in many scenes in which the clones bond, brawl and scheme. Even more impressive is the depth Maslany brings to each character. Her clones are never cartoonish sci-fi/fantasy heroines (hey, Buffy) or broad stereotypes, though they easily could be: a soccer mom, a boss bitch, a granola lesbian. All eight have inner lives and contradictions; all eight are completely believable women. Her prodigious performance has turned the Toronto-made production, which may otherwise have been dismissed as sci-fi CanCon nerdery for teenage boys, into one of the most wildly entertaining and feminist shows on television. Think of current hits like How to Get Away With Murder, The Good Wife and Girls, which are routinely lauded for their complex female leads, then multiply those characters by eight, and you have some sense of the show’s—and Maslany’s—achievement.

Since its premiere in 2013, Orphan Black has become one of the rare Canadian shows to net a massive international audience: it airs in over 170 countries, and more than three million viewers (not to mention countless downloaders) tuned into season two. But a more visceral measure of the show’s success is the fervency of its fans, who call themselves #Clonebians or #CloneClub. They live-tweet every episode, craft clone dolls, manicure the characters onto their fingernails and queue up by the hundreds to see Maslany, like when the Orphan Black cast appeared last year at Comic‑Con, the international gathering of genre fanatics in San Diego—one admirer even wept while thanking her and co-star Jordan Gavaris (who plays Sarah’s gay foster brother) for representing fully rounded LGBTQ characters on television.

Critics and TV insiders, too, uncustomarily lose their minds over Maslany. In 2013, when the Emmy nominees were announced and her name wasn’t on the list, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly decried the oversight, which is now known among fans as the snub heard round the Internet. Twitter erupted in a campaign to nominate her (#EmmyForMaslany), turning her name into a global trending topic. Since then, the actor has been nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award, won two consecutive Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Actress in a Drama Series and taken the Best Actress in a Drama Series prize at the Canadian Screen Awards twice. She’s also landed her first major movie role in the drama Woman in Gold (April 1), with Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren.

Part of Maslany’s magnetism lies in the fact that she disappears so thoroughly into her characters’ wigs and accents that it’s hard to get a handle on the woman behind them. And, unlike her contemporaries, she hasn’t leveraged her personality as part of her brand—there’s no Lena Dunham–style tell-all or blog about what she buys à la Mindy Kaling. The bio line on her rarely updated Twitter profile simply reads “Acting. Brisket.” The most personal pic she’s ever posted is of her and her boyfriend, dashing Downton Abbey actor Tom Cullen, looking googly-eyed at each other on the SAG red carpet this year. She’s one of the few young actresses today known entirely for her work, not her celebrity.

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Amanda Seyfried Replacing Tatiana Maslany In Off-Broadway’s ‘The Way We Get By’

The Hollywood Reporter — Amanda Seyfried will make her off-Broadway debut in Neil LaBute’s The Way We Get By, about two people taking stock after a hot one-night stand.

The Ted 2 actress fills the casting gap left by previously-announced Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, who has withdrawn from the production due to filming schedule conflicts.

She will star opposite Thomas Sadoski (Wild, The Newsroom) in the world premiere production at Second Stage Theatre. Sadoski was nominated for a leading actor Tony Award in 2009 for LaBute’s Reasons to Be Pretty.

Directed by Leigh Silverman (a Tony nominee last season for Violet), the play begins previews on April 28 for a May 20 opening. The limited engagement runs through June 14.

Seyfried and Sadoski will play Beth and Doug, two attractive people who have no difficulty getting dates. But the morning after their steamy hookup at a drunken wedding reception, they find themselves grappling with the rules of attraction, sex and society as they consider what they really know about one another.

(Photos) – 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

On (January 25) Tatiana Maslany attended the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Tatiana walked the red carpet with boyfriend Tom Cullen. Tatiana was nominated for Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor, unfortunately she did not win. You can check out 40+ high quality photos in the gallery now.

“Woman In Gold” – Official Trailer

Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee, takes on the government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family.

“Orphan Black” – Season 3 ‘This Is War’ Teaser

“Orphan Black” returns April 18 on BBC America.