‘Orphan Black’ Season Two Press Conference

The official season two press conference for Orphan Black was held a couple of days ago and the gallery has been updated with 18 high quality photos of Tatiana. She looks gorgeous! Many thanks to Bubbles for some of the photos.

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Tatiana Maslany Shares Intel on the New Clone

We spilled the beans about the brand new Orphan Black clone a few weeks back. We gave you all the details on poor Jennifer Fitzsimmons, including some of her video diaries that show the nasty progression of her illness. Now, star Tatiana Maslany talks about shooting those video diaries and playing what becomes her eighth different character on the show.

“It’s strange because we shot her in pre-production,” says Maslany of Jennifer’s video journal entries. “So we shot her in like a day in pre-production, the first day of shooting basically before the crew was even there. So it was an intense day because we went through her whole illness, from health to sickness, in a succinct amount of time. Of course, to me she is her own person, but I talked with [creators] John and Graeme a lot about how she sheds light on Cosima, and what she woke up in Cosima, and what Cosima is able to see of herself in this girl. In that way, she’s a lot like Katja. She is a facilitator of change in someone else. “

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Why Every Woman Should Be Watching Orphan Black

The sci-fi hit Orphan Black on BBC America stars Tatiana Maslany as seven characters, all clones. This is for my fellow fans (read below) and newbies alike (the first section is spoiler-free). Choose your own adventure!

If you haven’t watched yet…
Greetings, newbies! To any of you who’ve been on the receiving end of an “OMG, you haven’t watched Orphan Black yet?” look, let me say: We’re just jealous. We’d all die to be in your shoes, about to discover the magic for the first time. You may have heard about the setup: Sarah, a grifter single mom, finds out that she’s a clone and, furthermore, that clones are being hunted by mysterious forces. Here’s why that makes for an addictive TV show.

1. Tatiana, Tatiana, Tatiana. The 28-year-old Canadian actress makes the absurd task of playing all seven characters look like a breeze. Sure, the wig department helps, but Maslany gives each clone so much depth, you can tell them apart with your eyes closed.

2. The first three minutes are the best kickoff to a series ever. Occasionally someone tells me it took them “a while” to get into Orphan. I think those people are crazy—those first heart-pounding moments will carry you. (Tell your social life I’m sorry.)

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